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Muffy Styler

Muffy’s old school New York, platinum blond, boozy floozy act is really fun and bursts out in random moments throughout the show. To top it all off, her scat singing game is on point.

Round The World Stage
The Jazz Bastards
The Resistible Rise of Jr Brinkley

Jenny Lee Mitchell is a fantastic clown and she made me laugh out loud quite a few times with her astounding characterizations. She has funny bones and a quirkiness that’s infectious.

Love Und Greed

Jenny Lee Mitchell is smart and theatrically savvy.

The glamorous Ms. Mitchell, who studied classical voice in Vienna and Munich, transports us to Germany in the 1930s. Yet the piece speaks to our own unstable economic times where cut-throat greed, the love of money, overshadows the love of humanity.

The Last Cyclist

The putative Nazis are caricatured by Jenny Lee Mitchell, as Ma'am, in black coat and black fingernails which she raises to just below her nostrils to approximate Hitler's moustache. Mitchell is a brilliant satirical performer as she holds up a red air pump and proclaims "Death to Cyclists," then marches around kicking her feet Nazi style.

The Curse Of The Mystic Renaldo The

It was gratifying to discover a genuine stage presence in Jenny Lee Mitchell, who moves with the precision of a screwball comedienne, possesses an impressive vocal range and even plays the clarinet.

One of the maid's musical interludes, well sung by Mitchell, incorporates snatches of Carmen, The Magic Flute and "Turning Japanese" ... The impressive thing is how entertainingly it all comes together.

Camp Wanatachi

Jenny Lee Mitchell is a quirky, comedienne who has the potential to be the downtown punk version of Andrea Martin.

Pangs Of The Messiah

Jenny Lee Mitchell's clarinet playing is touching.

You Again

I would have to say that a few standouts in a cast of standouts are Jennifer Lee Mitchell as Ruby for her sense of humor and warmth. My favorite song, "Wake Up Heart," has Ruby singing to her broken heart, "Don't make me come in there and turn that sad music down."

The East Village Fragments

We think Jean Genet would have approved of the claustrophobic view of The Maids, which featured Stephanye Dussud and an exhilarating Jenny Lee Mitchell.

American Vaudeville Theater

Jenny Lee Mitchell as Dierdre, an opera singer regales us with a surprising confessional!

Jenny Lee Mitchell and her Butler had a fantastic time on stage, playing a diva Opera singer who came out singing Lady GaGa's "Paparazzi" and then gave a very funny monologue about the cheapness of the theatre we were in and ended with another very funny song (I especially loved that she didn't break character for curtain call).

The Amazing Goldin

Jenny Lee Mitchell's energetic performance as third-rate chorus girl Dottie is most entertaining.